Chairman Speech

Privilege for me to pen down few lines for all my dear souls. Nandanick what all of us see today as a diversified new age and emerging conglomerate started its two office room in Kolkata. The vision, mission and the core values which have befit laid down by two entrepreneurs ultimately gave rise to an enterprise. In course of time that new born enterprise assumed a magnificent shape and started spreading its tentacles across geographies..

As a founder chairman I would like to humbly commit that it will always be our endeavor to provide the best products and services that eventually would contribute in improving lives of all our stakeholders. It is important to share that while doing the same we had never shifted our views on ethical management practices. We had always ensured implementation of highest forms of corporate governance. Our motto is not to become the biggest player in terms of size or number but to always emerge as a “preferred institution and not merely an organization”.

Pradeep Karmaker

Nandanick System & Policy

Not only the same the corporate in addition to attaining its corporate objectives would also like to be a respected social citizen. I am thankful to all my colleagues, especially who are members of our leadership team for their valuable support without which we wouldn’t have been here today..

Word From CEO Desk

Dear Dear Colleagues and Stakeholders

It is a moment of joy for me to put forward the synopsis of our present journey to all of you. Nandanick Group, a global corporation which started its journey from a tiny room of “city of joy” has ventured into multiple lines of business. Our areas of interests are quite diverse in nature.

At one hand we have ventured into sectors like Pack Drinking Water Plant, advertisements, travel and tourism and on the other hand we are present in conventional setups like Export, Used Car Business, Real estate amongst others. Not only the same the corporation plans to venture into knowledge based Agro industries like FMCG as well as manufacturing in days to come. At this point as a founder it is important for me to share with all of you that the respective leaders who are leading the individual entities within the corporation always aspire to think and dream “global” I am also happy to share that all our businesses have already started carving a niche for themselves in the industry where they operate.

This kind of movements is quite significant for an entity which has seen the world. With this note I would like to conclude that we as an emerging global corporation aspire to make significant progress in each of the sectors where we operate. In this journey I am confident that I would be getting the company of number of co-travelers, especially my colleagues in the leadership team as in the past

Soumen Bose, CEO, Nandanick Project Ltd